How does self-storage work?

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What is “Your Storage” anyway?

“Your Storage” is a rental warehouse run by Derichsweiler Umzüge Storage Services GmbH & Co.KG, a second-generation, family-owned company with expertise in relocation and storage . Over 6,500 square meters of storage space are available in Sindelfingen. The experts from Derichsweiler are also happy to help elsewhere. Derichsweiler is a premium partner with Storangebox.


“Your Storage” is a place where you can store items, for example, that you don't constantly need and that take up too much space at home or at the offices. “Your Storage” offers customers the ability to rent a clean, safe, dry and private storage box where they can store and remove their own items independently.


Access to the storage boxes is possible 365 days a year, from 00:00 to 24:00 and is secured by 24h video surveillance and access control via a monitoring system. The storage box itself is securely closed with a padlock that the customer brings with them or can buy in our customer forum.


In addition to the rental, “Your Storage” sells suitable and professional packaging material, professional moving cartons (new and used) and garment cartons (used and new) – you can also rent cartons with us. That saves you money and relieves the environment.


How do I become a “Your Storage” customer?

Call us at + 49-7031-81708-13 or send us your request in writing (info@Deine-Lagerung.com). You are also welcome to visit us personally. Our friendly and competent storage experts are at your side to select the right storage box and to help you with tools and tricks as needed. A personal conversation with us, whether it’s on the phone or on site at your location, is still the best way to identify which storage needs and solutions are right for you.


It's proven that statistically 98% of our customers save space and thus money and nerves.


Once we have found the right storage box, the rental is easy- as easy renting a car on holiday. You’ll have your PIN code and can start storing your items in less than 15 minutes.


Have fun with SECURE SELF- STORAGE with “Your storage”!


What are the opening hours?

Dates (visits, information and advice) at any time by appointment at under 07031-81708-13 or by e-mail: info@Deine-Lagerung.com


Access to your own storage box 365 days a year, daily from 00:00 – 24:00. Entry by means of access control.


What do I need for the rental agreement?

  1. Copy of identity card
  2. Copy of a valid debit card
  3. IBAN & BIC for a SEPA direct debit mandate for the future monthly billing of the warehouse rent.
  4. At closing, the first month's rent + the security deposit must (in the amount of the rent, once) are card cash or by debit paid.
  5. If you wish, you can purchase a padlock from us.

The creation of the rental agreement usually takes a few minutes. You will then receive a personal pin code and you can start storing it immediately.


How secure are my stored items with “Your Storage”?

The security of your stored items is very important to us. The entire self-storage facility can only be entered with a PIN code. The building is monitored 24 hours by video, and entry is by means of access control. There is a maintenance caretaker on site. An alarm system provides additional security. Only you and the persons authorised by you in advance have access to the storage box. Each storage box is individually lockable with a security lock and is additionally individually electronically monitored.


Our storage compartments are not only clean, secure and dry. Pest monitoring and control systems are installed in all self-storage compartments.


Smoke detectors and fire alarms complete our storage security system.


How long can I store items at “Your Storage”?

The minimum rental period is 2 weeks. You are free to determine the total rental period. Your items can be stored for as long as you like.


Notice periods / How long is the contractual commitment to “Your storage”?

The notice period is a minimum of two weeks – there are no restrictions in this regard. Four weeks is standard. You can cancel at any time.


To make it as easy as possible for you:


Just call us on + 49-7031-81708-13 and we will send you a cancellation confirmation by email with the necessary and previously agreed details. You just have to read through it, check it for accuracy, print, sign and send it back to us.


What storage box size do I need?

You can use our Mover Scan on this website or speak to use to calculate the size you need. The rental contract is only concluded only after you have decided on a storage box. If the storage box is no longer large enough at a later date, it can be easily and simply upgraded to a larger storage box.


How much does storage cost with “Your Storage”?

It depends on the storage box size and the rental period. Please make an appointment for a viewing, information and advice. Price examples can be found under the heading price and space examples.


How do I pay the rent?

The rent will be deducted from your account exclusively by direct debit. We accept credit cards and EC payments for the payment of the deposit or the sale of packaging or other additional services.


Will I see additional costs?

Upon conclusion of the contract, the first rent and a deposit in the amount of 1 monthly rent is due. The renter will be charged a processing fee of € 15 for he provision of an entry and exit PIN for a second time.

19% VAT will be charged on top of the price for business customers.


What cannot be stored with “Your Storage”?

  • Food and perishable goods, except when properly packaged so that they are protected against infestation by pests and don’t attract pests
  • Plants and living beings of all kinds
  • Weapons, explosives and ammunition as well as other explosive substances
  • Highly flammable materials or other explosive substances (e.g. gas, paint, gasoline, solvents, oil, gases)
  • Biological warfare agents, radioactive materials, toxic waste, asbestos or other potentially dangerous substances and gases
  •  Valuables such as furs, jewels, cash, certificates, securities, jewellery, precious metals, stamps, coins, medals, hand-woven carpets and tapestries, works of art over 100 years old.
  • Unlawfully acquired items
  • Narcotics or other drugs or prohibited substances
  • Substances that can endanger or impair third parties by emission or that emit smoke or odour
  • Hazardous waste of any kind or other dangerous items
  • Pressurised gases and containers, materials and items that may cause dangerous deterioration through emissions and explosions
  • The storage compartment may also not be used for residential purposes
  • Objects that emit smoke or odours


Who has access to my storage box?

Only you have access to your own storage box. The storage boxes are locked securely with your own padlock.


Are the stored items insured?

Please clarify this in advance with your household contents insurance. In most cases temporarily stored items are covered by this insurance. We would also be happy to offer you additional insurance with our partner insurance. In order to do this, we need information about the content and its value.


We offer storage options for your furniture and household items

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