For commercial customers

Do you need interim storage for seasonal, trade fair or sample goods? Are your files and other documents taking up valuable space in your office?


Is your start-up in e-commerce way more successful than you thought and the garage and laundry room moms is not enough more from the punctual and professional shipping your goods item?


Are you a small craft business looking for a place to park your tools, machines and consumables with or without a mailbox address in Sindelfingen?


Why rental storage for commercial customers?

  • Storage room for the legally required archiving of files

  • Storage box for external craft businesses that work for a large automobile manufacturer, for example, and cannot be there every day to receive parcels from different parcel service providers

  • No storage facilities available near the office or they are simply too small

  • Storage due to renovation of the company premises

  • Relocation to smaller offices to optimize costs

  • Storage of advertising material and goods for commercial agents, suppliers and partner companies for regular customers or large construction sitesn

  • Temporary support for seasonal peaks e.g. before Christmas or the summer months

  • Ein zusätzlicher Arbeitsplatz hätte noch Platz, wenn wir das Archiv verkleinern könnten, aber die gesetzlichen Auflagen mit Aufbewahrungsfrist bleiben.

  • We take delivery of your goods. This is a highly professional offer for craftsmen and service providers who are on the road during the day or who come from outside and find a "second home" with us

  • and many other economic opportunities and possibilities
Kolumbusstraße 13
71063 Sindelfingen