Storage types

The rental warehouse in Sindelfingen offers warehouse and storage space as well as related services and help for everyone.


“Your Storage” provides you with individual, lockable, extremely sturdy steel cabins in various sizes as a temporary storage option. You have access to your storage space 365 days a year from 00:00 – 24:00. The individual storage compartments always have a height of at least 3.40 metres and different base areas.


You can safely and securely store your own materials. Here are just a few of the things you will enjoy with us as a customer: air conditioning, technical ventilation, environmentally friendly floor activation for temperature stabilisation and dryness, cleanliness and discretion, i.e. strangers cannot see your stored materials from the outside.


We have a storage facility for everything and can certainly advise you well on your storage needs and associated options.


The entire area is camera-monitored and climate-optimised. We provide access control with the help of a backup system.

Our rental storage warehouse

You can reach your rental storage box via the spacious lift directly from your vehicle

Outsourced storage and housing of objects that are in the way at home, in the office or in your company is already commonplace in many cities for private individuals, businesses and industry. You can easily reach your rental storage box via the spacious lift via short, bright and level paths directly from your vehicle. Transport trolleys and other aids such as hand trucks and pallet trucks are at your disposal.


Give us a call and let us advise you! »    

For private customers

Is your apartment too small, the basement full or too damp, or your garage isn’t secure?


Are you looking for a flexible storage facility to make room for a relocation, renovation or other personal changes?



Why would private customers need a storage space?

  • You and your partner love each other and want to test yourselves and take the next step. So you move in together, but that means less space.
  • You need to move to a smaller apartment temporarily because of a divorce or a change of jobs.


  • Your attic was turned into another apartment years ago and the size of the basement was reduced while reorganising. Your current basement is only available in a limited way or is too small.
  • Your summer tyres, ping-pong table, garden furniture and grill will do better if you store them for the winter.
  • Your motorcycle will have a good home with us during the fall and winter with some regular checks, battery charges and spring cleaning.
  • Interim storage is necessary due to water or fire damage or simply because the apartment is being renovated.
  • You’ve accepted a job abroad for a longer period and would like to leave the non-essential parts of your household in Swabia.
  • Your home is overflowing and the kids are out of the house, but hopefully the grandchildren will be born soon and you don’t want to throw anything away.
  • You’ve received an inheritance or the will has not been handled yet.
  • The summer is over and your surfboard is on holiday until next year. You’ll need your ski box, skis, poles, boots and long underpants (etc.) again in the winter.
  • And quite a lot of other examples....


For commercial customers

Do you need interim storage for seasonal goods, trade shows or samples? Are your files and other documents taking up valuable space in your office?


Is your e-commerce start-up more successful than you thought it would be, and your garage and mother’s basement are no longer enough for you to ship your goods punctually and professionally.


Are you a small craft business looking for a storage space for your tools and machines as well warehoused consumer goods, with or without a mailbox address in Sindelfingen?



Why would commercial customers need a storage space?

  • Storage space for legally required file archiving
  • Storage box for outside trade companies who work for example at a large car manufacturer and cannot be on site every day to accept parcels from different parcel service providers
  • No storage is available near the office or there is just not enough storage
  • Storage for renovation of the company premises
  • Moving to smaller offices for cost optimisation
  • Advertising material and warehousing for sales representatives, subcontractors and partner companies for long-term customers or major construction sites
  • Temporary support for seasonal peaks e.g. before Christmas or the summer months
  • There would be room for an additional workstation if we could shrink the archive, but there are legal retention periods.
  • We accept your goods delivery. This is a highly professional offer for craftsmen and service providers who are on the move during the day or come from outside and find a “second home” with us
  • And many other economic opportunities and options


Of course we also offer conventional moving storage
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